Oh now i see why we are like this

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☄ Picture of you
♥ Name of crush
☯ Religion
✉ State of origin
♬ Favorite song/s
♪ Favorite band
☑ Full name
Ω Favorite Book
♘ Favorite Animal
✞ Are you religious
☥ Cats or dogs
☝ Dominant hand
♨ Ocean or Lake
♉ Star Sign
♧ Eye color
✌ Favorite character
✏ Writer or reader
☪ Hair color
♂ Gender
✈ Last vacation
☍ Silver or gold

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Sergio Ramos ↳ Spain vs. Australia 23-6-2014

Iker Casillas at UCLA | 24.7.2014 (video) (translation)

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The Many Faces of Fernando Torres (III)

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Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos & Luka Modric arrive in Los Angeles, USA - 23.07.2014

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I always dreamed about being here and I don't think it ends here, the dream will continue. ©

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